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Laser Hair Removal – 3 Things To Remember

With time, permanent laser hair removal treatment has become common. After waxing, shaving, and plucking, you often take the plunge into laser hair removal treatment. This treatment has become popular these days. The following are some essential things to remember regarding laser hair removal: Avoid tweezing or waxing before treatment It is essential to keep…
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Causes Of Dry Skin & Solution

For the millions of people who suffer from dry skin, it can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing. And dealing with it can, at times, seem like an endless battle. While going through a professional makeup artist training in Toronto, one gets to learn about some most common causes of dry skin and promising solutions…
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Foundation Application Techniques For Different Skin Types

The unembellished base of the makeup is the foundation. The following are some of the most promising application techniques and tools to fake impeccable skin. Dry Skin Since dry skin is likely to have a rough texture, applying concealer or foundation using fingers may end up highlighting dry areas or other rough texture. Also, it…
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Multi-Masking For The Combination Of Oily & Dry Skin

Some time ago, standard masking practice aimed at smoothing a basic gel formula or cream over the face once a week, allowing it to seep into, and then cleansing it off. However, times have changed drastically. Now, there is a wide selection of masks available these days, each with an exclusive amalgamation of intense constituents…
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