Movie Makeup – Transforming Faces With Pigment

Everyone knows the transformative power of shadows and mascara, but there's more to makeup artistry than helping your gal pals get gussied up for a night on the town. For centuries, makeup has been used to alter appearances, and nowhere has this application been more useful than in the theatre, film, and television industries. From…
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Everything You Didn’t Know About Brazilian Waxing

If you've never had a Brazilian wax, you're probably postponing your first appointment because you fear the pain. Any veteran will tell you a Brazilian wax hurts! And they're right – waxing is a painful experience that involves spreading a sticky hot substance directly onto your skin and then tearing it off like a Band-Aid,…
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5 Favourite Makeup Looks For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, have you started planning your costume yet? Even if you aren't feeling in the mood for this fun little “holiday” yet, you'll find inspiration in our favourite makeup looks – from pretty to pretty deadly, they're perfect for a party or just paling around with your friends! Day Of…
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Financial Aid 101: How To Get Help To Get Your Education

Often the hardest part about heading to (or heading back to) school isn't deciding what to study, it's figuring out how you're going to pay for it. Even though higher and continuing education is subsidized in Canada, many students struggle to find the funds to support their post-secondary education. Not every student is lucky enough…
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